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move, play,  and pause.

Established in 2018, Move, Play, Pause started as a new Holistic Retreat concept with a combination of Fitness, Movement, Yoga, Meditation and Energy Work. It has expanded to now included transformational coaching using the C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coaching framework.

We hope that by working with me you will help gain more self-awareness and identify areas for personal growth, better health and happiness. You can start your journey with a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how best to start your wellness journey.

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Move, Play, Pause

Helping you relax and enjoy life 

I aim to provide a platform to access embodiment practices to help you connect with yourself and make these practices accessible to anyone. As a former rugby player Yoga was something that did not come natural to me but I have grown to love it and gain many benefits. Yoga itself means ‘union’ and it is the union of body and mind that makes it such a powerful practice. Yoga is a good first step to deepening your understanding of yourself beyond the physical body and can be an amazing tool for transformation.

Practice With Me Online, In Person or a mixture of both 

Start your embodiment journey online or in person at the Move, Play, Pause studio at Wootton Park in Henley-in-Arden. There is a selection of 1-2-1 offerings available and online courses with some monthly workshops and classes planned to also be introduced. 

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Learn to find your centre

At Move, Play, Pause we look at educating you on finding balance
with your practice and within yourself. All our services aim to bring a sense of playfulness too as we encourage you to not take the sessions or yourself too
 seriously :)

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