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Holistic 1-2-1 Health

Holistic 1-2-1 Heath Coaching is a step up from your traditional 1-2-1 personal training which will generally help you with your training and sometimes diet as well.

Holistic means to look at the whole picture so although movement and diet are important pieces of the health puzzle there is in actual fact a lot more to it. In holistic coaching along with looking at movement and diet, we add in looking at rest and also addressing thoughts too.

We use a model called 4 to Thrive as a platform which looks at your relationship to the 4 key areas of life:

Mindset (Thoughts/Emotions)
Rest (Recovery/Introspection)
Movement (Training/Breathing)
Nutrition (Diet/Hydration)

It is with a more rounded approach to addressing your health challenges that greater success and results will be achievable!

The aim of working with a holistic coach is to help you thrive - moving from being in some kind of pain (be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) back to being fully in your power!

Are you ready to invest in yourself to finally step out of pain and step into your potential ??

Then click the link below to book a free 30 minute discovery call so we can work out how best I can support you.

I look forward to helping you thrive once more.

Book a Free 30mins Discovery Session with Anthony Andrews

Choose the option

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for you.

  • Holistic Assessment

    Holistic Coaching Assessment 60-90mins Online or In Person
    Valid for 7 days
    • Online Assessment forms
    • Consultation and Breakthrough Coaching
    • Plan of action to move forward

Note:  Coaching packages typically include a detailed assessment, a personalized 4 to Thrive plan, coaching sessions on the 4 Elements, coaching on mental / emotional challenges, healing sessions, and regular support/accountability.

Coaching to take place online or in person at the Move Play Pause studio


Your Coach

Anthony  Andrews

Certified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Read What They're Saying!

Here are just a few on-and-off-the-ma
success stories from the brave souls in this space.

"I have been working with Ant for the past few months and highly recommend his approach and knowledge.
I wanted to improve the form of my exercising and increase flexibility - I have started to achieved this (still a work in progress), but with the introduction of Yoga and reflection I have discovered and harnessed a great deal of inner strength and peace. The two elements definitely compliment each other!

Hugh B

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