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Here to help you learn to relax and enjoy life 

What do we offer?

Choose your path to strength your practice and recenter Your body and mind. 

Yoga, Movement and Mindfulness Classes

Monthly classes in person and online focused on helping you improve your physical and mental health

Holistic 1-2-1

From pain to power! Are you ready to transform your life? Change can be hard, so having someone to help guide and support you in the early stages is key to achieving the results you desire and take you from living in pain back into living in power...

Online Courses

Not ready to join a live class or invest in 1-2-1? Then an online course could be a great place to start your transformational journey with us. Our online courses can be accessed via a handy app and done at your own pace.

Read What They're Saying!

Here are just a few on-and-off-the-ma
success stories from the brave souls in this space.

"I have been working with Ant for the past few months and highly recommend his approach and knowledge.
I wanted to improve the form of my exercising and increase flexibility - I have started to achieved this (still a work in progress), but with the introduction of Yoga and reflection I have discovered and harnessed a great deal of inner strength and peace. The two elements definitely compliment each other!

Hugh B

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